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Summerhouses & Home Offices

A garden building can provide you with extra space for your family; a study or home office, games room, changing rooms or bar - it can be anything you like.  
We have even provided changing rooms for tennis courts and swimming pools!
All buildings can be fully lined and insulated with options such as sky lights, windows, verandas and more available.  
Speak to one of our sales staff today to discuss your requirements or visit us on site.
Click on the image to enlarge the pictures.
Ascot Bespoke
Newbury Interior
Ascot Double Glazed Combi Bespoke
Newmarket Traditional Bespoke
Ascot Bespoke Interior
Fontwell Interior
Newmarket Bespoke
Ashby 12' x 8' with upgraded 'Loglap
Inside Office
Rushden Wilbye with Upgrade
Rushden Barton with Upgrade
Ascot Double Glazed Bespoke
Octogon 10
Stratford with Upgrade
Ascot Bespoke with Upgrade
Whytewell Corner with Upgrade
Barton With Upgrade
Newmarket Bespoke
Fontwell Bespoke
Ascot Bespoke
Fontwell Bespoke
Ascot Bespoke
Fontwell Bespoke
Ascot Bespoke
Fontwell Bespoke
Ascot Bespoke Traditional
Fontwell Bespoke
Playroom Interior
Ascot Bespoke
Henley 8x8
Contact Us On 01727 824277 / 01727 826263

Albert Bygrave Centre

North Orbital Road (A414)

St. Albans




Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 

9:00 am to 5pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

New Parking Restrictions

Max. 3hr Stay

No Parking between 8.30pm - 5.30am

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