Combination Buildings

A great way to have a summerhouse/office and shed in one.  

Aintree Combi
Aintree Combi
Aintree Combi.jpg
Aintree Combi
Fontwell with upgraded Anthracite & whit
Fontwell Combi Loglap Anthracite Doors & one side light & double shed doors.
Kelling combi 16x10.jpg
Kelling Combi
Ashby combi 14x10.jpg
Ashby Combi with Upgraded Antique furniture
Aintree Combi with Bespoke shed door.jpg
Aintree Combi with Bespoke shed door
Waendal Combi
Ascot Combi with Veranda
Kelling combi 12x8.jpg
Kelling Pent Combi
Ashby Combi