We have a small selection of Ex-Display buildings for sale.  The buildings are Sold as Seen and include Local delivery and assembly, deliveries will be made in February and March.  Clear access is required with no height restrictions. 


Once you have decided on a building please email us or call 07903 032367 leave a message and we will get back to you when possible. 

Herts Garden Buildings Ltd

Newmarket 8x8 Georgian Log Lap with bench.  Was £2483 Now £1986

Wingrove 6'4x6'4 Was £1843 Now £1474

Hertford 7x5 SOLD

Ashby 8x6+3 Veranda

Was £1743 Now £1394

Newmarket Combi Georgian Log Lap 10x8

Was £3130 Now £2504

Potting Pent 6x8 Was £1140 Now £912

Potting 1/2 Glazed Apex 6x6

Was £1156 Now £924

Pent Classic with Bench 10x6


Woodford Classic 6x5

Was £730 Now £584

Apex Georgian Log Lap 5x4

Was £721.60 Now £577

Apex Classic with Bench

8x6 SOLD

Pent Security Log Lap 7x5 

Was £860.20 Now £688

Barnwell Georgian 7x7 


Sywell 6x8 Was £1005 Now £804

Woodford Georgian Log Lap 8x6 

Was £1012 Now £809

Pent Reverse Georgian 4x8

Was £775 Now £620

Streamline 3x8 Was £673 Now £538

Hobby 8x6+2'6 Veranda

Was £983 Now £836

Woodford Georgian 6x6+2 Veranda Was £992 Now £793

Dalby Apex 7x5


Supreme Pent 8x6

Was £782 Now £665

Rushden Tidy 4x2

Was £443 Now £354

Log Store 4x2'6

Was £455 Now £364

Wendy House 6x4 

Was £735 Now £625

Dalby Pent 7x5 Was £621 Now £527

Tool Store 5x3

Was £351 Now £298

Dalby Apex 8x8 Double Doors


Tool Tidy 6x2'6 SOLD

Tool Shed 3x3

Was £486 Now £388

Space Saver 3x2

Was £412 Now £329

Kennel 10x4 SOLD

Fantasia 10x6 with Upstairs Was £1993 Now £1695

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